Child Custody and Visitation

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Nothing is more important to parents than their child. If you are involved in a child custody or visitation dispute in Pierce County or South King County, Washington, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at the law office of Tim Edwards & Associates.

Our firm practices exclusively in divorce and family law matters. Each client is represented by attorney Tim Edwards, an experienced negotiator and trial lawyer with more than 30 years of divorce and family law experience. A former president of the South King County Bar Association and current member of the Family Law Section of the Pierce County Bar Association, Mr. Edwards has the experience and dedication to handle complex custody and visitation disputes.

Our office is located in Auburn and we serve clients throughout Pierce County and South King County. To schedule a consultation, contact Tim Edwards & Associates.

Divorce Paternity Legal Separation Modifications

Our firm handles custody and visitation matters in divorce, paternity proceedings, legal separations and modification proceedings. Whether your case involves an initial determination of child custody or a petition for the modification of custody or visitation, we can help.

Parenting Plans

If you and your spouse are getting a divorce, the Washington Parenting Act requires the establishment of a parenting plan that will detail issues of child custody and visitation. Parents in a divorce may agree to a parenting plan that is submitted for court approval, or a judge may issue a parenting plan following a trial.

If you retain our firm for your case, we can negotiate directly with your spouse or his or her attorney if he or she is represented by counsel to seek an amicable agreement on a parenting plan. If your spouse is unwilling to be reasonable and we cannot reach an agreement that you feel is in the best interest of your children and your parental rights, we will actively pursue your rights and interests at court hearings and if needed, at trial.

We offer experienced representation in cases involving a petition for the modification of a parenting plan, in which a party seeks or opposes a change of an existing parenting plan that was previously ordered by a court of law.

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To schedule a consultation regarding a divorce, parenting plan dispute, paternity proceeding, legal separation or other family law matter involving child custody and visitation issues, contact the law office of Tim Edwards & Associates.