Parenting Plan Modifications

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Pursuant to Washington law, every husband and wife who get divorced and have children must have a parenting plan that defines their custody and visitation rights. Parents who are getting divorced may reach a mutual agreement on a parenting plan and submit it for court approval, or they may take their case to trial and allow a judge to issue a parenting plan after a trial is concluded.

Even couples who are not divorced but who receive a legal separation with children must agree to a parenting plan or argue their case before a judge who will then issue a parenting plan.

Once a parenting plan is ordered by a court, either parent subject to the parenting plan may seek a parenting plan modification subject to certain requirements set out by Washington law. At the law office of Tim Edwards & Associates, we represent clients throughout Pierce County and South King County in parenting plan modification proceedings.

If you are seeking to modify the custody or visitation provisions of a parenting plan, we can help. If your ex-spouse is seeking a parenting plan modification you oppose, we can help. Our firm practices exclusively in divorce and family law matters and is pleased to offer years of experience and service in family law matters, including parenting plan modifications. To learn more about attorney Tim Edwards, please visit our attorney profiles page.

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