Relocation/Moving Residence After a Divorce With Children

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When a married couple gets a divorce in Washington, the court issues a parenting plan that defines the parties' custody and visitation rights. Pursuant to a Washington relocation statute, when an ex-husband or ex-wife with minor children wishes to relocate to a new home or address, he or she must provide legally sufficient notification as defined by statute.

Failure to give sufficient notification and comply with the full terms of the Washington relocation statute can result in severe penalties, including a court order that may modify an existing parenting plan and limit or eliminate your custody and/or visitation rights.

If you are thinking about relocating, contact a divorce and family law attorney who can carefully advise you of your rights and responsibilities under Washington law. If you have been notified of your ex-spouse's intent to relocate and wish to object, or if your ex-spouse has relocated without giving proper notice, contact the law office of Tim Edwards & Associates.

We have offices in Auburn, we are pleased to represent clients throughout Pierce County and South King County in a wide range of family law matters, including relocation proceedings. Our firm practices exclusively in divorce and family law matters. Attorney Tim Edwards has over 30 years' experience with divorce and family law cases.

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