Legal Separations/Separation Agreements/Separation Decrees

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If you are thinking about getting a legal separation in the state of Washington, it is important to understand the potential long-term ramifications. In the state of Washington, a legal separation may be converted to a divorce by a simple motion to the court after six months.

A legal separation is similar to a divorce in that an order concerning custody, support, parenting plans, division of property and liability for debts will be issued. The difference is that the parties are still legally married and, therefore, cannot remarry. Typically, the couples who want a legal separation are couples who are contemplating the possibility of divorce but who are not certain how they may feel after a period of separation.

Given the serious implications of a legal separation, which will affect the parties' rights in regard to property division, debt liabilities, child custody and visitation, it is critical that anyone considering a legal separation consult an experienced divorce and family law attorney. There is a tremendous amount of misinformation about divorce and legal separations that exists in our society, so it is critical to get accurate information from an experienced lawyer.

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