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At Tim Edwards & Associates, P.S., we represent clients in child support matters throughout Pierce County and King County. Our clients may be going through a divorce, a legal separation, or a paternity action, or they may need assistance in proceedings for the modification or enforcement of child support. Whatever your concern, you can rely on our family law attorneys for knowledgeable counsel and aggressive representation focused on delivering the best possible result.

Determining child support in Washington

Washington State has child support guidelines written into law, detailing a step-by-step process for determining the amount an obligor must pay. These guidelines include:

  • Determining the gross income of the parents — Parents must disclose all sources of income, but certain income sources can be excluded from the calculation.
  • Determining the net income of both parents — Parties may deduct certain expenses, such as taxes, pension plan payments, and union or professional dues.
  • Imputation of income — The court can impute income if it believes a party is voluntarily unemployed or underemployed.

As your advocate, we demand full transparency from the other party, and we work to ensure you get the full benefit of all allowable deductions. Once the court has made a basic calculation, the court may consider a deviation from the standard calculation based on certain statutory factors. Two important factors are:

  • Residential schedule — If the residential schedule is not evenly split between parents, the parent with whom the children spend the majority of the time is entitled to extra support. Deviation to the calculated support can occur when children spend an extraordinary amount of time with a parent even if not on a equal residential plan.
  • Children from other relationships — If one party has other children to support, the court can reduce the obligation.

The court then allocates the total child support obligation between the two parents in proportion to their share of the combined monthly income.

Certain expenses, such as healthcare, day care, tuition, and long-distance transportation costs to and from the parents for visitation, are not included in the economic table for allocation between the parents. These expenses are to be shared in the same proportion as the basic child support obligation. Child support obligations following divorce (or in other situations where parents no longer live together) generally last until the child is 18 or has graduated from high school. Obligors who fail to pay child support are subject to various collection actions and sanctions for contempt of court.

Whether you pay or receive child support, you want a strong advocate who will protect your financial interests. Our family law attorneys provide determined representation at every step of the process for determining a child support order. We also assist with representation for child support modifications and enforcement actions, should the need arise.

College Support

In Washington support for post-secondary support (College, Vocational, or Trade School) for a child can be ordered by the court.  There are very important procedural steps that must occur prior to a child turning 18.  If you do not understand these important steps your ability for a child to receive post-secondary support for a child can be lost forever.  If you have any questions regarding the requirements that must be made for college support it is imperative you see an attorney prior to the child reaching 18.  Here at Tim Edwards & Associates we represent parents dealing with the issues of court ordered support for college.

An Auburn law firm you can trust for your child support matters

Tim Edwards & Associates, P.S. practices exclusively in divorce and family law matters. Drawing on more than 46 years of combined experience, our attorneys work meticulously to ensure you get a fair child support order based on your true economic circumstances. To schedule an appointment at our office located in Auburn, call 253-833-6633 or contact us online.

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