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Knowledgeable attorneys address the full range of your domestic concerns

Most people prefer to keep family issues behind closed doors. So, when a family matter requires a legal solution, the thought of going to a lawyer, then to court, can be quite daunting. At Tim Edwards & Associates, P.S., we understand how emotionally charged family law conflicts can be, but we also know how important a fair resolution is to your future. We help you set your worries aside and focus on clear, practical and achievable goals. We are adept at negotiating creative solutions that fit your unique needs, but we can also litigate matters aggressively when the other party refuses to be reasonable. Throughout the process, we are responsive to your needs and determined to deliver the best results possible.

Comprehensive legal assistance for your urgent family law issues

At Tim Edwards & Associates, P.S., our attorneys draw on more than 46 combined years of family law experience to provide sound advice and capable representation for a wide variety of legal issues, including:

  • Legal separation — If you are not ready for a final divorce, if you have a religious objection, or if you want to remain technically married for the sake of benefits, we can help you with a legal separation that settles your financial, property and parental issues as if you were divorced. The only difference is that you and your spouse are not free to remarry.
  • Divorce — Our attorneys manage all aspects of divorce, including alimony, the division of community property, child custody and child support. All divorces in Washington are no-fault, and the law applies equally to same-sex couples.
  • Post-divorce issues — If you require a modification to your divorce order or want to oppose a petition for modification, we provide determined representation in family court. Most terms of a divorce decree (except for the distribution of property) are subject to modification if there has been a substantial change in circumstances. To contest the division of your community property, you must allege fraud or misrepresentation at the time of your divorce.
  • Restraining orders — We represent either party in hearings arising from allegations of domestic violence. We help parties seek orders of protection and defend other clients from such orders.

When you retain our services, we work toward lasting solutions so you can move forward with confidence.

Attentive counsel for issues relating to children

For most parents, issues that affect their children’s welfare are the most stressful. With attentive and responsive service, we provide peace of mind and deliver positive results in matters related to:

  • Child custody and visitation — During and after divorce, we represent parents in child custody matters. We craft parenting plans that uphold your parental rights, fit your lifestyle, and address your concerns for your children’s welfare. We also manage child custody issues between unmarried parents.
  • Paternity — We represent children, mothers, and putative fathers in paternity actions and in subsequent hearings on child custody and child support matters.
  • Child support — We help our clients obtain fair child support orders based on the parents’ income and the standard of living the children enjoyed prior to the divorce.
  • Child support modification and enforcement — When there is a substantial change in circumstances, a court can modify a child support order. Our attorneys represent payors and recipients in motions for modifications. We also provide representation for either side in enforcement actions.
  • Parental relocation — One of the most agonizing issues of child custody arises when a custodial parent wishes to relocate with the children, either out of state or at a distance that burdens the visitation rights of the other parent. We represent both sides in such situations and work toward solutions that protect our clients’ parental rights and can win court approval.

No issue is more vital to your happiness than your relationship with your children. You should only trust the matter to an experienced family law attorney with a long track record of success.

Contact a trustworthy family law firm for reliable representation in Pierce and King Counties

Tim Edwards & Associates, P.S. represents family law clients throughout Pierce County and King County. To schedule an appointment at our office located in Auburn with an experienced attorney who is determined to protect your rights, call 253-833-6633 or contact us online.

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