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Post-Divorce Issues

Washington Family Law Firm Helps with Post-Divorce Issues

In a perfect world, every couple who got a divorce would never need to go back to court to resolve a post-divorce dispute. Unfortunately, however, disputes over parenting plans, relocation, property and debts can continue after a divorce. This is especially true when couples get a divorce without an attorney and have created legal documents that are vague and imprecise or that fail to take into account numerous post divorce contingencies.

At the law office of Tim Edwards & Associates, P.S., we represent people throughout Pierce County and King County in family law matters, including divorce and post-divorce disputes. When possible, we attempt to create thorough agreements during a divorce that are designed to avoid future disputes as much as possible. However, even the most forward-thinking agreement can be foiled when parties experience significant life changes, poor communication and cooperation, or other significant challenges.

When an existing client or new client comes to us with a post-divorce dispute, we work diligently to find a lasting solution that fully protects his or her parental and financial rights. Some of the post divorce issues we handle include:

  • Contempt proceedings: A contempt proceeding involves a request to a judge to hold one party in civil contempt of court for failure to comply with an existing court order. This may involve a divorce order with child support or spousal maintenance provisions that have been violated or a situation in which a party has violated the terms of a court-ordered parenting plan. If you are responding to a motion to hold you in contempt or believe that a contempt proceeding is necessary to force your ex-spouse to comply with a court order, we can help.
  • Relocation proceedings: The state of Washington has a relocation statute that requires a parent seeking to relocate to give proper notice to the other parent. The parent receiving the notification then has a period of time to seek an order that will restrain the other party from moving. If you are seeking to relocate or have received a notification of relocation and wish to object, we can help.
  • Post-judgment modifications: We handle all post divorce issues, including petitions to modify the child custody or child visitation provisions of a parenting plan. We also assist unwed parents involved in a custody or visitation dispute that arises in an original paternity proceeding or after the issuance of a paternity order. We handle child support modification proceedings as well.

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