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Respected Mediation Lawyer Facilitates Family Law Settlements in Auburn, Washington

Vast experience as trial attorney, judge pro tem, arbitrator, and commissioner pro tem

If you need a legal remedy for a family matter, the thought of trying your case in open court can be intimidating.  The adversarial nature of the proceedings and the lack of privacy raise the level of stress for everyone involved. Going to trial is also an expensive proposition, and you’re bound by the court calendar, so your hearing can be delayed again and again. Fortunately, family law mediation is a viable alternative for many people who are going through a divorce or having issues with their parenting plan. At Tim Edwards & Associates, P.S., attorney Tim Edwards is an accomplished family law mediator with decades of experience. Mr. Edwards provides exemplary services that deliver positive results while saving clients time and expense.

Trust attorney Tim Edwards to be your family law mediator

Tim Edwards is a reputable family law attorney with 40 years of legal experience.  But, in addition to representing clients, Mr. Edwards has served for over 35 years as:

  • Superior Court Judge pro tem
  • Superior Court Arbitrator
  • Superior Court Commissioner pro tem

Having sat on the bench as a pro tem judicial officer and decided relevant cases, Mr. Edwards has the necessary perspective to help mediation clients reach a fair, equitable and practical settlement of all their issues. Many mediators are retired judicial officers or retired attorneys, but Mr. Edwards is still a very active, practicing family law attorney who possesses current knowledge and who possesses current experience to settle cases.

Mr. Edwards can meet at the firm’s Auburn office or he can meet with parties at any other mutually agreeable location in King County or Pierce County. Mr. Edwards does not charge preparation or travel fees; he only charges a reasonable fee for the time spent in the actual mediation sessions.

Mr. Edwards is sought out by many family law attorneys to serve as a mediator in cases that involve their clients.  Over 90% of cases mediated by Tim Edwards are resolved at mediation.  Family law mediation helps many couples achieve an uncontested divorce by resolving all their ancillary issues: spousal maintenance, child custody, child support, and the division of property. It is also helpful for resolving parenting plan disputes after divorce.

Contact a reputable mediator for family law disputes in Pierce and King Counties

Tim Edwards & Associates, P.S. is pleased to offer mediation services to attorneys and their clients throughout Pierce County and King County. To learn more about how mediation can save you time, stress, and expense, call 253-833-6633 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at our office located in Auburn.

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